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 I Love to Quilt 

Let's Talk about Quilting!


I thoroughly love the entire journey of the quilting process. From dreaming of starting a new project, designing, picking out and buying fabric, sewing and piecing, assembling the blocks and putting on the borders to quilting on my long arm, and I even like sewing on the binding! If you noticed that I did not put appliqué on the list, well, I have not mastered that yet. 


I get really excited about the quilt process because, as most of you have noticed, a quilt starts to take on a personality from the very first stitch and continues to evolve into the masterpiece that it will become as you sew the first block and eventually the last border. 


But it doesn't stop there! Taking a quilt and assembling it on my long arm quilting machine continues the creative journey. I get the privilege of seeing quilts in their completed form.  A dream of every quilter, to get a UFO complete! I also get to share in the pride of knowing a quilter has her quilt complete and can give or share her quilt. 


Most of you don’t know me, but hopefully you have gotten a glimpse of my heart. I would love the opportunity to be a part of your quilt's life by quilting it for you.


I have been Long arm quilting for 4 years and when I'm not in my quilting room or tending to the house, I am quilting with friends, Shop hopping, sharing at my small quilting group at church or just having fun with my hubby, Steve or our six grown children and numerous grandchildren.


My home is smoke free and for those of you with allergies, I have two toy dachshunds

Happy Quilting,



Ephs: 3:20 Now unto Him, who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to His power that works in us.

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